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On 5th of March we had an elocution competition in which our students of standard 5 to 8 spoke confidently and left the judges spell bound.
Man today stands on cross roads as he helplessly witnesses the strange paradox that has engulfed the whole world. One side is full of new milestones of man’s conquest of matter and space, and the other shows directionless quest for an elusive peace and happiness. While the domain of comforts is expanding endlessly the one for whom they are intended in becoming more and more unhappy.
Today education has become increasingly secularized. There is too much emphasis on academic performance and equipping the student with technical skills. The goal of education has narrowed down to developing a manipulative intelligence concerned solely with exploiting human and natural resources rendering then unable to meet with deeper inner aspirations. It is time to wake up to this stark reality and to find answers to the dilemma faced by mankind.
Sri Sathya Sai Baba says: The present system of education aims at making you breadwinners and citizens but it does not give you the secret of a happy life, namely discrimination between the unreal and the real.
Education is not merely for a living but for life.
Keeping the above in mind our Mission is very clear. We follow a curriculum through which consciousness is expanded and conscience manifested as harmony of head (thought), heart (word) and hand (action). Through this process we want to make the child aware of his inner self and at the same time to acquire competency in the academic, mental, social and physical spheres of life.
The mission extends to “providing the best education but without burden” we focus on giving education which would be the basis of the child’s overall development and competency for the best of his life. The central focus of education would be character building as Baba says ‘End of education is character’. And this character should manifest as concern and compassion. Hence our mission in short is to develop Good Human being rather than only great people.
Motto – A Happy School is a Good School
1. To see Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir among the best schools of Ahmedabad.
2. To develop students of strong character who can be a pride for the nation and society at large.
3. To establish a system of education which is complete in itself and is an example for others.
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