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On 5th of March we had an elocution competition in which our students of standard 5 to 8 spoke confidently and left the judges spell bound.
Eshwaramma Day
‘Maa’ ‘Mother’ Amma or ‘Aayi’ is the most beautiful word in the world. A word that is full of unconditional love. A word that has no boundaries, no dimensions and no limitations.

The scenario today is that with the advent of nuclear families everything has changed. The father has become the efficient provider who has hardly any time to spend with his children. The mother has to juggle her role as mother, a housewife and many a times a working woman. Unfortunately some working mothers look after other children but have no time to look after their own children, this is the saga of modern age. Where our children have stepped. The reverse is also true children have lost respect for elders and do not value their parents. They are insecure, worried, helpless and somewhere without any value system. In earlier days when the joint family was still in existence every house was steeped in human values. Children grew up imbibing values from elders and the elders had time to groom their children!

Here we now talk about Eshwaramma, or the mother of the Sathya who later on become Shri Sathya Sai Baba, the world preacher. She was an exemplary mother. She gave birth to Sathya in the midst of divine happenings on 23rd November – 1926, on Thadid the third day after full moon.

Eshwaramma was a pious lady who believed in simple living and high thinking, she was like Goddess Lakshmi, away from Kama, Krodha, Labh, Moh and Madh.

She spent her life in devotion to God. She was a kind woman and served the orphan, needy and poor. She led the life of a saint. She said that when death comes one should remember God and she did the same. On her death bed she called out for the Lord and she became one with him. For such a thing she felt children should be trained right from childhood.

On 6th of may, 1972 she breathed her last. This year is the 35th death anniversary. Eshwaramma gave to the world Shri Sathya Sai Baba an embodiment of love and human values.

Swami Says by celebrating this day the mothers should get the message of how to bring up their children with values. The children in turn would realize the importance of this relation and respect their mothers as God.

Today’s children are exposed to too many vices from wrong inputs, this is taking them away from a lot of good things respect regard and love for parent’s is becoming a commodity to education system itself is to blame for this. Here is a school with a difference where children are given a direction and encouraged to bring out their hidden values.

On 6th May, 2008 Eshwaramma day was celebrated with great devotion in Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir. A school should not be considered to be just a common place arrangement designed for teaching and learning. It is the place where the consciousness is aroused and illumined, purified an strengthened, the place where the seeds of discipline, duty and devotion are planted and fostered into fruition Mothers beaming with joy gathered in the school. The program started with prayer and mata’s bhajan, this was followed by a game for mothers and children which should how much they knew each other. Then there were songs on mothers’ love. Some mothers spoke about their children and vice versa. The atmosphere was emotionally changed and brought tears in every eye!

The highlight of the program was the matrupooja performed by students. The Students washed their mother’s feet applied chandan, kumkum and did aarti. The mothers showered them with their blessings.

Celebration of Eshwaramma Day is to make the world, aware of this beautiful word ‘Mother’, ‘Maa’ Shri Sathya Sai Baba stayed on in Puttaparthy to keep his mother’s words. Eshwaramma also wanted Swami to always address in his mother tongue and that Baba does till today this is a message for the children and the youth of today.
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